Opening and closing shift

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Opening and closing shift

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Standard :

Procedures :

For Room Attendant


· Report to assigned work area in complete uniform.

· Attend briefing session.

· Receive work sheet assignment.

· Sign-out for keys in Key Log Book and tie keys on the waist.

· Re-check baskets to ensure all supplies have been stocked and are in the correct location.

· Re-check cleaning kits to ensure all supplies are clean, refilled and in good condition.

· Request V.I.P amenities as required.

· Check to ensure vacuum cleaner is working properly.


· Review work sheet before handing to Supervisor.

· Return and sign-in keys in Key Log Book.

· Return all Lost and Found items to Supervisor or to the executive , or executive assistant.

· Re-stock supplies and linens in linen basket. Clean and refill cleaning kits.

· Empty vacuum cleaner bag and wipe surface of machine.

· Clean dust on pantry shelves, sweep and mop the floor.

· Rinse and dry mop (Stand, handle side on).

For Public Attendant (Public Area Attendant)


Report to `Supervisor in complete uniform.

Attend briefing session.

Receive work assignment.

Collect supplies and equipment needed for work assignment.

Check equipment that will be used if it is working correctly, clean, and all parts on machine are in right place.


· Return all supplies and equipment to assigned store room.
Replenish supplies as per par stock requirement.

· Clean each equipment used:

- Wipe inside and outside of machine.

- Remove brushes and rinse.

- Empty all vacuum bags.

- Rinse water filter bags.

- Dry machines.

· Clean storeroom walls and shelves, sweep and mop floors.

· Turn off lights and lock storeroom.

· Return all keys to the Supervisor/ Coordinator.

For Laundry Attendant


· Sign-out keys from Security Office/ HSKP Office.

· Open door and turn on the lights in the linen room.

· Check the assigned area before starting work


· Shut off all machines.

· Empty trash.

· Return all linen and uniform to assigned storage area.

· Make sure that the laundry working area tidy and clean before shift expires

· Clean dust on shelves, wipe down machines, counters, walls and doors.

· Sweep and mop floors.

Return and sign-out keys with Security Office/ SHKP Office


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