Park the R/A Trolley and Enter The Room Making up room

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Park the R/A Trolley and Enter The Room Making up room

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Standard :

Jobs have been done in all rooms including occupied and check-out rooms.

(When cleaning the guest room, R/A must park the trolley at the right location: in front of the room. Entering guest room by following steps how to knock the door).

Procedures :

I) Park the R/A trolley and enter the room:

1. Pull the trolley with enough linen and guest amenity set up to the room intended to clean.

The front of trolley must face room door in order to take linen, bed sheet, bath towel, guest amenity like shampoo, soap, etc., easily and quickly.
The distance from room door to the trolley is neither too far nor too close so that R/A can take dirty linen out and put into trolley bag easily, as well as R/A can move to get clean linen or guest amenity from the trolley quickly. If it is an occupied room, leave enough space for guest to go in and out of their room easily and comfortably. Do not park trolley in the middle of corridor because it will take space and difficult for guest to walk along the corridor or to move.
Knock the room door 3 times, each time with 3 fast knocks, and say “Housekeeping” if the guest in room:

- If the guest answers but does not open the door, please wait for few seconds. Maybe they don’t want to be disturbed or to have their room cleaned at that time.

- If guest opens the door, R/A must smile, keep direct eye contact and greet: “Good morning/ afternoon, Sir(Madam). How are you today? May I clean your room now? “

- If guest says “Yes” and agrees, R/A starts cleaning.

Room Attendant must remember to knock at the door of any room before entering the room.

II) Making up Room:

1. Knock the guest door and enter the room.

2. After entering guest room, look around the room, even in bathroom and correct all equipments, furniture, fixtures and supplies in guest room.

3. Check minibar items and issue minibar voucher (if occupied room).

4. Check and collect guest laundry (if occupied room).

5. Make up bed.

6. Clean and refill all supplies in bathroom according to hotel instruction.

7. Cleaning guest room (outside bathroom).

- Dust cleaning task must be carried out in all rooms including check-out and occupied room and be performed clockwise from the entrance of room as well as from up to down.

- Dust cleaning all furniture,

- Dust cleaning all fixtures,

- Dust cleaning all mirrors,

- Dust cleaning all utilities and supplies,

- Clean windows, glass,

- Dust cleaning lamps,

- Clean all flower pots in guestroom.

8. Clean floor by vacuum cleaner.

- Clean floor by vacuum cleaner.

- Clean every corner, under beds.

Refill minibar and supplies in guest room according to hotel instruction


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