Making up a bed

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Making up a bed

Bài gửi  Admin on Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:41 pm

Standard :

- Make sure bed used by guest, bed in guest room always with clean linen, fresh smell, bedsheet, duvet, duvet cover, pillow cases changed daily and the bed looks perfectly straight.

Procedures :

1) Bring all clean bed sheets and pillow covers into room.

2) Open heavy curtain.

3) Turn all lights, TV, Radio off (if they are still on).

4) Look overall the room and check minibar consumed, guest laundry.

5) Move the bed-side table away from the bed.

6) Move the bed back at least 30cm.

7) Remove the bedspread (bed cover), and fold it in a fourfold.

Cool Strip bed sheet and blanket carefully to ensure guest belongings are not caught between bedding.

9) Strip pillows from pillow case.

Take out dirty bed sheet.

- Take one by one to avoid guest belongings covered by bed sheet, pillow case.

- Check the mattress, mattress protector. If the protector is dirty, replace with new one.

- Take dirty bed linen to put in the trolley.

Make the bed

§ Strip the duvet from duvet cover, the duvet must be straight.

§ Keep it on armchair or on the chair

§ Don’t put clean linen on the floor

§ Take the bed sheet to cover the mattress, keep about 30 cm from the top of the bed sheet to put under the mattress. Use one hand to lift the head of mattress corner and the other hand pull the top corner of bed sheet and fold about 10cm under mattress. Walk down to the bed footer and do the same. Remember to pull the bed sheet as straight as possible.

§ Put the duvet on the bed, drop the duvet down about 30 cm.

§ Put 2 big pillows on the bed head, a bit upstanding then put 2 small pillows underneath.

§ Put the bed decoration liner on the middle of the bed.

After finishing making the bed, R/A looks all around the bed to ensure bed surface and 4 corners are nice and straight.


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