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Minibar Checker

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Standard :

Minibar in the guest room is checked by minibar attendant as soon as he/she informed by HSKP Office or HSKP Coordinator in order to minimize losses, also refill to guest room quickly and fully. He walks around on all guest room floor to help guest whenever necessary.

Procedures :

Print guestroom list with guest name, check-out date and time.
Know exactly each room status.
Regularly communicate with reception desk and H/K clerk to know the check-out room and time.
Departure room should be checked when guest just left the room.
Knock the door before entering guestroom even knowing that guest already left.
In case it is certain that guest already left the room, but they forgot to turn the ”do not disturb” sign, check with receptionist and only open the room with confirmation from receptionist that guest has left.
Check minibar and room items quickly, especially when group checking out.
Minibar item set up at every room must be the same for easy check.
Call or press minibar code to the telephone operator or HK clerk timely.
Send the consumption list to F.O.
Report to HK office and Supervisor timely if the room has missing items.
Occupied room.

- Avoid checking when guest is staying in the room.

- If guest stays in the room, greet guest with smile and ask guest for permission to refill minibar: “Good morning sir/ madam. How are you today? May I refill your minibar now?“. If the guest agrees, enter the room, check and refill quickly then say “Thank you, have nice day, sir/ madam” and don’t forget to say “Good bye”.

Fill in the bin card.

Send daily sale minibar report to Accounting Dept., sold and FOC items must be separated.

Help guest whenever they need and share the work with room attendant when finishing minibar work.
Most of the time he/she stands by around guest room area. When meeting guest, keep eye contact and pay attention whether guest wants any help. Show interest in guest by saying “Good morning Sir/madam. May I help you?”.


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