Room Inspection

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Room Inspection

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Standard :

Checking room by room based on the checklist. The list covers every area and furniture in the room.

Procedures :

When closing or opening the door, there must be no noise to be made by room door, door lock, door hinges. Door surface must be clean and polished.
Room entrance must be clean.
Room light system, lamp shade, lamp bulb, bedside lamp, ceiling lamp, etc.
Bed room
Bed: must be clean, bed head, bed leg must be secured and free of dust.
Bed sheets must be clean and straight with fresh smell.
Pillows’ surface must be neat and smooth, and corners must be a tight-fitting.
Duvet and duvet cover must be straight, clean and with fresh smell, four corners must be tight-fitting.
Bedside table must be placed close to the either side of the bed and free of dust.
Television must be free of dust, arrival and occupied rooms must keep TV stand by, TV channel number must be synchronous with TV programmer list. TV remote control must be in full batteries, well controlled and clean. Each channel must have clear sound and pictures.
Minibar fridge must be cold enough, no ice in the ice shelf, clean and fresh smell. Minibar items must be full, quantity must be exact like minibar list, minibar items with expired date under three months are not allowed to set up in minibar.

- Minibar glasses set up is from F&B Manager or Restaurant Manager training. All glasses must be clean and shine. Glass cover, coaster must be clean and replaced often if necessary.

- Minibar list must be put next to or on the minibar fridge, item list price and item set up quantity must be exact.

Wardrobe: the doors are in good working conditions, door hinge turning well, not making noisy when close or open.

- Hanger must be free of dust, hang right side of the wardrobe.

- Laundry list place on the shelf of wardrobe, beside the laundry bag.

Luggage rack must be clean and in good condition.

Desk must be free of dust, desk surface always clean. If desk has drawers, pull out to check inside.

- Stationary set up.

- Letterhead must be clean, not wrinkled. Turn over to check if there are some marks written down by guest or children.

- Envelopes must be clean, no mark or wrinkled from former guests.

- Notepad must be full, not too thin, must open each sheet to check in case former guests mark on.

- Pen, pencil must be in good condition, avoid setting up the stuck pen, pencil must be sharpened.

- Hotel introduction book must be clean. Open each sheet to check in case guests took some pages out for their information or some pages has been torn.

Curtain must be clean, fresh smell, curtain holder and curtain string must be in good working order, night curtain must cover hermetically.
Window glass must always be clean and clear, window frame must be free of dust; open and close easily.
Balcony must be clean, free of rubbish.
Room floor must be clean, pay attention to floor under the bed and table. Desk and each corner must be free of dust.


Bathroom mirrors must be free of dirt and shaving cream foam.
Washing basin must be clean, shine. Glass for tooth brush must be clean, clear. Guest amenity set up must be enough, each item must be checked carefully to avoid setting up items that have been used by former guests.
Bathroom linen: (2 bath towels, hand towels, face cloths, 1 bath mat) fold straightly, hotel logo faces to the guest.
Bath tub must be clean, free of hair, look shine. Shower must have enough pressure and in good working condition.
Toilet must be clean, fresh smell, water pressure must be strong enough. Toilet tank must be clean, top of cover and inside the tank must be checked often to make sure the float should close and open fixity. Toilet cover must be clean, and in covering position. Toilet seat must be dry and clean.

6. Bathroom floor must be dry, clean


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