Process of cleaning linen and laundry in hotel

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Process of cleaning linen and laundry in hotel

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Standard :

In the hotel, the linen is required to be a high and international standard, white, soft, straight, fresh smell. Guest laundry service is one of the facilities generating income for the hotel.

Cleaning hotel linen must be carried out by professional staffs in linen room with a particular policy of the hotel. Guest laundry and linen laundry needs to be checked strictly.

Procedures :

Process of cleaning the linen and laundry :

Receiving dirty linen and laundry from all Departments and guest laundry box.
Separating linen and laundry by: colors, cleaning type, light dirty and heavy dirty level.
Spotting the stains and using measure of clean heavy dirty linen and laundry before cleaning (dry cleaning or washing) normally.
Cleaning (dry cleaning or washing), separating each item by color, weight and the chemicals applied as instructed by manufactures.
Make linen and laundry soft according to each purpose: using chemicals which can make them soft and fresh smell.
Dry linen and laundry: check carefully linen and laundry before carrying out and the mode of dry for each kind of linen and laundry allowed.
Heating: check carefully and separate the same category items and materials of linen, laundry to heat.
Pressing: Pay more attention to materials which are unable to press, unnecessary to be pressed, or must be pressed, and chose the pressing method to avoid destroying linen and laundry.
Parking: It is necessary to separate each kind or item. Parking need to be counted, remarked and recorded very clear.
Delivering : Check before delivering linen and laundry to ensure that they are in good condition, standard, quantity, parking, on time, right place.
All delivering linen and laundry must be counted and recorded very carefully with both sides.
Issue laundry list with the guest laundry service very carefully before sending it to cashier in (or near) reception counter.


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