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Sleep out room

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Standard :

- “Sleep out” means that occupied room with guest but guest did not use or sleep in the room during the night. Sometimes guest may use the toilet only but the bed is not being used. “Sleep out” is at least one night.

Procedures :

- When R/A checks room or cleans occupied room and finds out that guest did not use the bed or the room in the morning and daily, R/A must record in his/her record sheet about slept out room and the time that R/A enters and leaves the room.

- R/A must inform to Supervisor of any slept out room.

- When Supervisor is informed about slept out room, he/ she must check the room to ensure that there is luggage inside the room. If there is no guest’s luggage inside the room, Supervisor must report to Executive Housekeeper and Duty Manager at once.

Daily Supervisor must record in a report on the slept out room with guest’s luggage, without luggage and time in, out of their checking.


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