Lost and Damage hotel property

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Lost and Damage hotel property

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Standard :

Procedures :

1. Room Attendant checks all rooms (Occupied and Vacant inclusively) if there is any loss or damage of hotel property.

2. Room Attendant has to pay more attention to checking the check-out room and report to Floor Supervisor immediately if the above mentioned cases are found.

3. If the damaged case is caused by cigarette burnt, for example, the room should not be made up and neither the cigarette burnt nor ashtray should be cleared. Call your supervisor as soon as possible.

4. Photos may have to be taken by Security Department for any serious damage of property such as: TV broken, carpet burnt, curtain burnt & cracked or torn; chairs, tables, standing & wall lamps broken; tea cup, glass, wine glass, vase, ashtray broken; the surface of table, bed-side table written down or cracked by ball pen or knife.

5. Room Attendant has to check and ensures the lost or damaged hotel property is caused by the existing guest before taking further action.

6. Follow-up work: Cleaning, replenishment or repairing work should be done by either HSKP or Engineering staff.

7. Repairing work: - Occupied room – temporarily change to another room.

- Vacant room – transfer room status to Out of Order room.

- Public area - Depending on the operating schedule in that place so as not to cause any inconvenience at any time. Do as quick as possible.


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