Out of order guestrooms

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Out of order guestrooms

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Standard :

In order to maximize room revenues, avoid guest complaints and reduce other room’s expenses, the General Manager of the hotel will establish written procedures for the control of out of order guestrooms.

Policy :

Only the following Department Heads have authority to designate rooms as qualifying for “Out of Order” status : General Manager, Chief Engineer, Executive Housekeeper, Front Office Manager or Duty Manager.

Procedures :

1. During peak occupancy period (High season) rooms are placed as “out of order status” only for emergency reasons. These rooms are to be repaired and restored as soon as possible to avoid loss of revenue.

2. The following conditions determined by General Manager could be considered as “out of order” rooms (Room/ bathroom) such as painting, vanishing, carpet laying, electrical failure or repair, plumbing repair, fire/ smoke damage, water leakage, lock out of order.

3. Temporary condition when rooms are placed “Out of Order”: No heat, No Air-conditioning, telephone is out of order, carpet shampooing, general cleaning, drapery repair, broken bed and furniture.

4. Long-term “out of order” conditions: Incomplete furnishing, plaster damage, wall covering damage, no television, bathroom tile damage.

5. A well-coordinated plan must be in place so that all furniture are moved out before the maintenance work starts and moved in after its maintenance completes. Also, this plan should take into account the projected arrival guests in order to avoid any loss in business.

6. HSKP Dept. personnel only strips and prepare rooms for renovations. This ensures that all furnishings are properly handled so that linen and guest supplies are not abused and waste.

7. Out of Order Room number will be transmitted the Front Office Manager by Department Head responsible for designing them “O.O.O.”. The following information must accompany the room number or numbers beginning and ending date for “O.O.O.” as well as reason for “O.O.O.”

8. Room number indicated on the computer as “O.O.O.” (or daily room status report marked “O.O.O.”) will be listed on the Night Clerk’s report, along with the reason for being “O.O.O.”

9. When working completed in an “O.O.O.”, the Maintenance Dept., which is responsible for maintenance of work, will notify the HSKP Dept. that work has been satisfactorily completed. It is the HSKP Dept. staffs’ duty to get the “O.O.O.” room cleaned and ready for service. Then “O.O.O.” room status will be updated to VD and VC in computer by HSKP Dept. afterwards.

10. Only the Executive Housekeeper or member of the HSKP staff delegated the responsibility will be authorized to release a room from an “O.O.O.” status to VD/VC.

11. It will be responsibility of the Executive Housekeeper to maintain a close check on all “O.O.O.” rooms and to report to management that room in which temporary conditions are not quickly and properly fixed.

12. It is the responsibility of the Front Office Manager to report to management rooms which are not released on the specified completion date.

13. It will be the final responsibility of General Manager to monitor “O.O.O.” rooms on a continuing basis to avoid loss of room sale.

14. The Chief Engineer and Executive Housekeeper maintain status boards in their respective departments for the purpose of keeping the status of ”O.O.O.” rooms on a current basis


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