Clean Restaurant and Bar

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Clean Restaurant and Bar

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Standard :

Restaurants and bars in the hotel must be cleaned all the time by Pub. R/A in charge.
Restaurants and bars must have deep and careful clean at least once a day, depending on the occupancy, the result of cleaning will be checked and approved by Restaurant Manager and staffs.
Cleaning restaurants and bars by Pub. R/A including all furniture, doors, windows, glass, walls, ceiling, lamps, floors.
The frequency of cleaning depending on daily operation, but the cleanliness must be maintained in any circumstances.
While cleaning, Pub. R/A must be very careful not to break or damage things.

While cleaning, Pub. R/A can combine closely with restaurant’s staffs in working.


Restaurant floor must be cleaned frequently and keep it tidy all the time.

Ø Daily cleaning by damp mop or dry mop.

Ø Clean after every meal of guest or whenever no guest in restaurant.

Glass window:

Ø Use the glass cleaning handle to apply chemicals on the window.

Ø Press strongly and pull from top down.

Ø Replace clean cloth from the handle after use.

Prepare chemicals for all rest rooms: mirrors, toilets, wash basins.

Ø Apply chemicals in toilet before cleaning about 5 minutes.

Ø Clean mirror.

Ø Clean dust around door, toilet tank

Ø Clean toilet with toilet brush, pay attention to the inner side of toilet bowl fresh smell must be cleaned. No dirt stain to be found any where in toilet bowl.

Ø Keep toilet seat and toilet cover dry after cleaning.

Ø Set up full toilet paper roll and fold it nicely

Ø Replace hand towel or tissue napkin.

Ø Clean the floor with damp mop and keep the floor dry after cleaning, no wet floor and slippery.

Ø Continue next room

4. During functions or parties, all the hotel rest-room areas must be taken care by public cleaners.

Clean and deep clean the restaurant and bar :

Public area attendants while cleaning in the restaurant and bar must remember:
Not to cause any problems to affect the guests, or operating business in the restaurant and bar.
Choose the right time to clean.
Cleaning must be perfect and according to hotel and international standards.
Deep cleaning should always be carried out at the time when the restaurant or bar is in long break.
Deep cleaning in the restaurant or the bar:
After Pub. R/A were handed over the restaurant or the bar, they must start quickly.
Prepare sufficient equipments, tools and chemicals before handover.
Starting from higher to lower (ceiling, lamps,.... to wall skirting and tables, chairs, and eventually the floor)

For the restaurant and bar with carpet :

Pay more attention to deep and careful floor vacuum or carpet shampoo.
Always spot stains on it.
Trim the threads of carpet being out of order.
Clean all furniture in it (must do the same as above).
After finishing deep cleaning, check if everything is fine)

For the restaurant and bar with marble and wood :

(When restaurant and bar being in operation, keep the floor free from being wet).

1. Attention should be paid on chemicals in use. Using wrong chemicals may damage surfaces.

2. Polish with machine daily during deep cleaning.

3. Before polishing or wet mop, deeply vacuum floor.

(Normally cleaning with dry, or wet mop, be sure that the dry, or wet mop is very clean).

4. Clean all furnitures in it (must do the same as above).

5. After finishing deep cleaning, check if every thing is fine)


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