Daily setup trolley

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Daily setup trolley

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:21 pm

Standard :

Room attendant must set up linen and guest amenities in the trolley every morning or before starting their shift. Linen and guest amenities in each trolley must be enough to refill when cleaning each room.

Procedures :


Each room attendant must have a note book to follow linen received daily from laundry.
Every morning, room attendant get clean linen from laundry.
Quantity of linen received must be enough to set up in all rooms that R/A is in charge of.
Each item must be set up separately.
At the end of each shift, check to ensure the number of dirty linen taken out equals to clean linen replaced.

Guest amenities:

Room attendant must check the quantity of his/ her assignment list, room status.
Each item of guest amenities must be enough to refill in the room.
Trolley set up must be tidy, clean and easy to take items out.


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