Room Checking when guest just checked out

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Room Checking when guest just checked out

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· Checking a room of a check-out guest is very important for the hotel, and for guest left the hotel room, maintain the hotel properties, control the Lost and Found in the guest room. Hotel’s property damages or missing happened in room and mini bar consumed can be charged on guest while he or she checks out a room.

· Conduct checking of guest room being checked-out, after guest left his or her room already.

· Check guest room’s key if the guest left it in the room.

· Control the room status in hotel at any time,

· Control the lost and found from guest in room.

· Check the room equipment whether they are still in good working condition (TV, water leakage, lamps, A/C and others)


1. Normally, when a guest checks out, HSKP Dept. (HSKP Coordinator or Supervisor) will be informed by the receptionist and then Room Attendant or HSKP Supervisor or Coordinator should check guest room at once. After checking guest room, they must call receptionist counter as soon as possible to inform about the room status.

2. In another case, when a Room Attendant knows exactly the guest is checking out, he or she should inform receptionist counter about this.

3. While checking room, the checker has to be very fast and careful.

4. Enter the room, knock the guest’s door and say: Good,_______, HSKP, May I come in?”. If no response, open the door and enter.

5. Check equipments, fixtures, furniture, Supplies in guest room.

6. Check linen in bed.

7. Check mini bar items consumed or not.

8. Check bathroom: all towels, supplies

9. Check the whole room.

10. While checking, find out anything lost, broken in room and mini bar consumed or not, so as to inform receptionist counter at once. This will enable the hotel receptionist to allow guest leaving the hotel.

11. In case when the guest leaving a room to check out, and put a “DND” sign outside door, Room Attendant must call the receptionist to make sure whether guest were not in room.

12. While checking room, find out any guest belongings left in the room, Room Attendant must call to inform receptionist counter immediately.

13. After checking room of guest checked out, Room Attendant must turn off all working equipments in room, and put the “Please Make Up Room” sign out of the door before leaving it. It means guest checked out already but room has not made up yet.

14. While checking rooms of check-out guests, the checker must inform any problems happened to HSKP Supervisor and note down on the Floor Log Book at once.


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