Check the cleaned guest laundry to return guest room

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Check the cleaned guest laundry to return guest room

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Standard :

After washing guest laundry, laundry attendant must recheck and fill carefully in the bill (laundry list). All items must be exact and well cleaned.

Procedures :

Prepare the laundry list with all checking details.
Each room and each laundry list must have a bill.
Make sure that the laundry items list is attached to the bag or basket.
Classify all clean laundry on the table.
Check quality of washing before packing in the bag or basket.
If some items are still dirty, we must rewash them.
All items will be folded or hung on the hanger as guest request in the laundry list.
Ensure room number is marked on the bag, basket and on the hanger.
One sheet of laundry list must be attached with the bag and basket.
Ensure all markers on each laundry item have been removed already.
Ensure all laundry items are exact in quantity, clean, fresh and good quality.
Put all guest laundry on the trolley or rack to deliver to guest room.
Check room number on each bag or basket correlative with guest room number.
Start from high to low floor, ensure room numbers are arranged up to down.
Start delivering to each room after getting master key from HK office or from floor supervisor. Ensure the room number is correct by rechecking laundry bag of that room before knocking at the door.
If there is no guest in the room, open the door with key and put the bag on the bed or a good place, hang items with hanger into the wardrobe.
If guest staying in the room, knock at the door and saying: “Laundry service”, then greet guest with smile and friendly voice: “Good morning/ afternoon/ evening. May I return your laundry Mr./ Mrs./ Ms ”. Wish guest have a nice day/ evening before leaving guest room by saying: “Have nice day/ evening/ good night.”
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