Entering guestroom

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Entering guestroom

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:06 pm

Standard :

· Whenever you enter guest room, you should show absolute respect and courtesy.

· You should enter the room in a way that causes the least disturbance to guest since all guests are concerned about security and want their perfect privacy.

Procedures :

1. Room Attendant rings the bell twice, announces “Housekeeping”

2. Then stand back one step, stand straight and face the door.

3. Wait for 5 seconds for guest to respond.

4. If no answer, repeat action.

5. After you have rung twice and heard no reply, the guest does not seem to be in the room.

6. Insert the key and open the door a little and say : “Housekeeping, good morning / afternoon / evening. May I come in ?”

7. If there is still no reply you can open the door wide and enter room.

8. If the guest is in, greet guest when opens the door.

9. If guest does not want you at that time, R/A can say : “I’m very sorry to disturb you, Sir, Madam, I’ll come back later”

10. Tell the guest why your are there.

11. If the guest is out of the room, proceed with your duty


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