Clean conference rooms, offices & lockers

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Clean conference rooms, offices & lockers

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Most conference rooms are covered with high quality carpet on the floor.
In conference room, there are some tables (or special tables), conference chairs, chandelier, wall lamps, down lights, rims around ceiling, etc.
The carpet is easily damaged by burning cigarettes or chewing gums from guests.
Pub. R/A must have good periodical cleaning program for it.
All Department offices must be cleaned at least one time a day with the permission from the office.
All lockers must be tidy. Daily cleaning and deep cleaning at night should be done once per day.
Procedures :

After conference operation finished:

Make deep and careful vacuum.
Clean doors, glass, windows.
Check and take out all sticking plaster on wall, spot all stains on walls and carpet.
Remove all wastes on tables and chairs, and clean them.
Check and trim all the threads of carpet being out of order.
Check and try to remove the chewing gums dropped on the carpet.
Set up every thing belonging to conference in correct and tidy manner.
Check and find out what was wrong, damaged or lost, and inform supervisor and record clearly into the daily HSKP log book.

Special cleaning after conference operation finished:

Shampoo the floor carpet partly
When the conference operation finished, check and find out any places in the floor carpet in poor condition (too dirty) and cleaning time available. Pub. R/A must arrange to shampoo carpet immediately at those dirty places.

Shampoo the whole floor carpet
When the conference operation finished, check and find out the floor carpet in poor condition (too dirty) and cleaning time available. Pub. R/A must arrange to make carpet shampoo immediately.

Organize periodical program:

It is very important to maintain the conference room in good condition.
Clean all lamp system in the conference room.
Clean rim system of air conditioning.
Clean ceiling, wall, wall skirting.
Clean doors, windows systems.
Deep clean glass system and mirrors.
Deep clean all furniture, paintings in conference room.
Check and send curtain to clean (if it is dirty).
Vacuum carefully, and make carpet deep shampoo.
The time to carry out:
Depending on the conference schedule that Pub. R/A conduct cleaning so as not to hinder the conference activities and hotel operation.

Cleaning Offices and lockers :

GM Office :
Ø Clean every day in the morning time, preferably when he isnot in the office

Ø Clean dust from the desk, move paper up to clean everywhere but do not throw or tear down any paper, except in rubbish bin.

Ø Clean telephone.

Ø Empty ashtray and wash it.

Ø Clean the window.

Ø Mop the floor

Ø Keep quiet when cleaning, don’t make noise.

Ø Empty dust bin.

All other office areas
Ø Resident Manager Office

Ø Accounting Department Area

Ø Human Resources Office

Staff locker area:
+ Female lockers

+ Male lockers


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