Cleaning Public areas

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Cleaning Public areas

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Standard :

Public areas in the hotel include all areas excepted guest room areas, general hotel store, kitchen areas and some places with technical machines under control of Maintenance Dept.
Public Attendants are responsible for the cleanliness of the above public areas all the time.
Public areas including:
Lobby and Bar areas.
Inside and outside of restaurants.
All corridors and staircase.
Elevator areas.
The surrounding of all buildings.
Back Office, Department Offices, GM Office, Conference rooms,
All restrooms.
Car parking and all roads inside hotel property.
Note :

Public area includes floors and all furniture, equipment also.

Procedures :

Public Attendants have to take care of the cleanliness in Public areas for the whole day.
P/A Supervisor has to arrange enough manpower to ensure the cleanliness for all public areas.
Staff assigning and cleaning schedule are based on status of each public area but at least 1 time per day.
Public Attendant can only use broom (but minimize) to clean the pathway, car parking and must use the suitable cleaning equipments as required.
P/A must clean floors, walls, all furniture and equipments in public areas.
The cleaning work can be carried out any time as long as it will not affect hotel operation and guests.
While Public Attendants carry out cleaning, they have to pay more attention to safety of both hotel properties and guests. Public Attendants must use signing boards while working in those areas and minimize the use of water, electricity.


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