To Set up Pantry, R/A Trolley and Daily Set up Linen, Amenity

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To Set up Pantry, R/A Trolley and Daily Set up Linen, Amenity

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Standard :

There are some storages under controlled by HSKP Dept. but they are not larger than the general store belonging to hotel.
Each HSKP storage is using with the purpose and is very tidy, easy to get goods.
Pantry is one of the small storage on the guest floor service, it is supplied to Room Attendant to keep daily all par stock items of linen, amenity and cleaning equipments, tools
Pantry normally is not large.
Always use cabinet, shelves with many levels.
Use to keep all par stock items of linen, amenity supplied guest room daily.
To keep the par stock of HSKP equipments, tool when no use.
It is always nearly guest room area and convenience for R/A working.
Use to keep R/A equipments, tools,.. for cleaning and trolley during R/A finished job.
The pantry is not only for one R/A to use.

Procedures :

Basic of setting up the HSKP storage :

Try to use the area very well.
Separate each item and set up very tidy when set up.
According to consumption of goods daily to keep and set up.
According to volume and weight of goods to keep and set up.
Pay more attention to physical property of chemicals being stocked or set up
Follow and control the expiry date of goods.
Always keep Storage door closed and locked while nobody is there.

How to set up pantry :

The goods run out slowly should be kept at higher level.
Keep small items outside, big and heavy inside and lower.
The goods of daily use can be kept at easy accessible position so as to get them easily.
Separate each item when set up
Fragile and easily damaged goods can be kept further away from the entrance.
Chemicals can be kept under other goods to avoid damages of goods.
Pay more attention to physical property of chemicals being stocked or set up.

Note : Depending on operation demands that the Housekeeping Manager will give instruction about setting up pantry so that all pantries are set up with the same arrangement of goods.

How to set up R/A trolley :

Trolley is like a small pantry, but it can be moved easily.
It includes all items for daily supplies in guest room.
Trolley should also be divided into specific quarters for each items of goods.
Clean linen is kept inside trolley all the time, and is separated for each linen item.
On the roof of trolley can set up all items of amenity supplying for guest room daily. Amenities can be set up in trolley according to balance of items and guest room daily.
The back and front of trolley can be kept dirty linen and rubbish from guest room.

Note : Don’t park trolley somewhere in corridor after finishing making up room. Park it tidy in front of pantry.


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