Housekeeping Inventory

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Housekeeping Inventory

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Standard :

1. All hotel properties controlled by HSKP as furniture, fixtures, equipments in guest rooms, public areas and HSKP store, linen, uniform, amenities, minibar, and all HSKP equipments, machines, chemicals must have monthly inventory. The procedures will be instructed by management board or HSKP Manager.

Inventory must follow the HSKP Dept. procedures with Management Board’s instruction.
Coordinators and supervisors are in charge of making monthly report to HSKP Manager and Accounting Dept.

Procedures :
1. Prepare the inventory list.

2. Supervisors combine with Coordinators to make inventory all items and can assign staff to help with the inventory.

3. Each item must be counted and recorded carefully and exactly.

4. Make report on inventory clearly including items, date, total quantity, lost, damaged, consumed items, inventory made by, checked by.

5. Monthly inventory must be finished on the 2nd date monthly.


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