Linen Inventory

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Linen Inventory

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Standard :

All linen must be checked monthly. Compare stock quantity with the monthly inventory quantity.
Spoiled linen must be reported every month after inventory making. Laundry Supervisor and laundry team in charge of this task.

Procedures :

Prepare the inventory list.
Laundry Supervisor should work with HK clerk to make inventory list.
Because linen is placed at different locations, the list must be divided into different locations: in laundry, in guest room, in pantry, in rest room, etc.
Linen counting must be exact.
Each location should be counted according to inventory form.
Coordinate with Floor Supervisor to count guest rooms.
Laundry Supervisor should assign more staff on inventory day.
Supervisor brings together total linen quantity of each type.
Collect and separate extremely dirty linen (if any).
Compare balance with the month before.
Send report to Accounting Dept. and HK Manager.
Make report on spoiled linen and give reason.
File monthly inventory report and other details.


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