VIP room Policy

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VIP room Policy

Bài gửi  Admin on Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:24 pm

Standard :

A VIP room must be ready in a perfect condition before VIP guest arrives.

Procedures :

1. Coordinator has to inform Floor Supervisor of the assigned VIP Room(before 8:15 am) after obtaining information from Front Office.

2. Floor Supervisor: identify room status (check-out or occupied). If room has been checked out, check rooms for general appearance. If it is qualified, inform R/A to clean as soon as possible.

3. Advise Room Attendant of VIP room status. This will alert his/her to give extra care and to make up the room promptly.

4. Room Attendant: Clean and set up room with designated supplies according to Hotel policy.

5. Floor Supervisor/ Assistant Housekeeper/ Assistant Executive Operation: Supervisor should inspect the room daily to make sure that all is good. Just before VIP arrival, adjust air-conditioner for VIP comfort upon arrival. If VIP arrival is at night, turndown service must be provided carefully and perfectly. All the lamps and light music should be turned on before VIP arrival. Mistakes are not allowed in VIP Room.

6. Executive Operation: Make final inspection.

Note :

· If the room is vacant, Supervisor notifies Room Attendant for cleaning following the above procedures.

· If the room is occupied, Supervisor informs Coordinator for further action from Front Office.

· If general appearance of the room is unacceptable, Supervisor informs the Front Office to rearrange rooms.


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