Bill disputes & rebates

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Bill disputes & rebates

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All Receptionists have the authority, and responsibility, to resolve charges in dispute up to the amount of USD 5.- if questioned by a guest. Amounts in excess of this amount must be referred to the FOM or RM.

1. On occasions, guests may dispute charges, which have been posted to their account. In these situations, the Receptionist must make every attempt to resolve the disputed charge immediately to the satisfaction of the guest.

2. If a guest disputes a charge appearing on the folio, the Receptionist must try to explain what the charge is for, i.e. “Mr. Smith, the charge is for items recorded as taken from the minibar in your room.”

3. Rebates at the front desk from guest ledger:

Upon the complaint of a guest, or identification of a posting overcharge, the Front Office Cashier will assess the situation to determine if the rebate is appropriate. When in doubt the Front Office Manager, Assistant Front Office Manager, or Manager on Duty should be called to handle the case. In the case of F & B revenue on Folio, rebates must be authorized by Restaurant Manager.

4. If the guest continues to dispute the charge and no back up is available to support the charge, and it is less than USD 5.- then the charge must be rebated and a rebate voucher must be completed and signed by the Receptionist, providing relevant details and reason for the rebate.

5. Apologize to the guest for the error and any inconvenience it has caused.

6. The signed rebate voucher must be attached to guest’s folio.

7. If it is an obvious incorrect posting, due to a wrong room rate etc. the Receptionist has to rebate the charge without delaying the guest by calling supervisor.

8. If the disputed charge is in excess of USD 5.- the Front Office Manager must be advised and the circumstances explained before the guest is approached.

9. If the Front Office Manager decides to rebate the amount concerned, process a rebate voucher as above and ask the FOM to sign it. This must be done after the guest has left the desk.

Rebate Approval Limits:

Receptionist Approval limit USD 5.-

Front Office Manager Approval limit USD 20.-

Executive Assistant Manager Above of USD 20.-

10. Rebates from city ledger

a. Room _ Transient

Must have the approval of Front Office Manager

b. Rooms _ Group

Must have the approval of the Director of Sales & Marketing

c. Food & Beverage

.Must have the approval of the F & B manager

d. All Incidental Charges

Must have the approval of the FC

The only exception to the above will be rebates due to errors with contract rates on rooms, food & beverages. If a rate is billed incorrectly and not in accordance with the prevailing Contract, the Receptionist will prepare the rebate with the proper explanation and send it to the Front Office Manager, Head of Accounts and General Manager for approval

All rebates, after authorization, will be passed to the FC and General Manager for their review and initials.


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