Check in when room is not ready

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Check in when room is not ready

Bài gửi  Admin on Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:44 pm


In the event that a room is not ready upon a guest’s arrival, an apology must be offered and an advise that a room will be ready as soon as possible. An estimated time for the delay must also be given.


1. The initial check in procedure will be carried out as normal.

2. House keeping needs to be contacted before arrival in order to find out how long the delay will be for the room requested.

3. If it is after 14:00 (the guaranteed check-in time), check if an upgrade to the next category of room might be available. If an upgrade is given, inform the guest that they are being upgraded.

4. If the guest has to wait, apologize, and offer to store the luggage until the room is available.

5. Inform the guest how long the delay is likely to be and offer to store the luggage at Front Desk. Inform guests about the possibility of the changing room and that towels are available at pool and beach. Point out the internet corner, the book shelves and the Restaurant / Bar.
6. Advise Bell Men that the luggage is to be stored. On the back of the registration card write the time of check-in, and “RNR”(Room Not Ready).

7. When the room is ready, the guest will be checked into the system, check-in time to be written on the registration card as well.

8. Advise a Bellman to deliver the luggage to the room.

9. Locate the guest to give the room key, or when the guest returns to the Front Desk, an apology must be offered again for any inconvenience caused by the delay.


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