Delivering wake-up calls

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Delivering wake-up calls

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All guest wake-up calls must be delivered on time and to the correct room


1. Set wake-up clock for each time a wake-up call is required—this will be done by the night auditer and then passed on to the next receptionist arriving in the morning.

2. Once the alarm clock rings, switch alarm off and proceed to call the guest rooms.

3. When the guest answers you will say:

“Good morning this is (staff name) with your “(time) “wake-up call. Would you like another wake up call?”

4. Should you ring and the guest picks up the telephone and hangs up immediately, call them again. You must speak to the guest to ensure the call has been accepted and the guest is awake. On successfully waking the guest, you will highlight the room number on the wake-up call sheet.

5. Should the guest fail to answer the telephone, you will need to send a Bell Man to knock on the guest room door to ensure they have woken up. Circle the room number on the wake-up call sheet and write F/W (failed wake-up) to one side.

6. Once the Bell Attendant has returned and advised of the status of the room, update the information on the Wake-up Call Sheet.

7. It is important that you follow up all failed wake-up calls. A missed call can cause the guest great inconvenience and could also cost the hotel dearly.


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