Giving Directions to Guests

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Giving Directions to Guests

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When a guest inquires directions within the hotel from a Front Office staff, the guest should be escorted to the location whenever possible. If not, the Front Office staff should at least take 5 steps with the guest towards the location while giving verbal instructions.


Front Office member, who are approached by guests inquiring about location of facility in the hotel, must escort guest to the location.
When escorting a guest, the staff should always try to make conversation with the guest, in a friendly, enthusiastic way.
If, for some reason, the staff is unavailable to give escort, he/she should at least take 5 steps with the guest towards the location will giving verbal instructions.
In giving direction, speak slowly. The staff must use clear and concise instructions. Use locations known to the guest if possible and avoid giving directions with personal shortcuts.
For directions outside the hotel, use the name of the streets and establishments as landmarks rather than street and building descriptions.
Give precise instructions rather than approximates.
Use turn left or right rather than go north, east, west or south as the guest will not necessarily know this.


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