Items requested by guests

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Items requested by guests

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Requests for additional items will be made through Front Office. Front Office will then pass on the information to the department which is responsible for delivering each item via walkie talkie or hand set. The request is not completed until the task has been confirmed back to Front Office as done.


1. The request for additional items will be made through Front Office. The Front Office staff will acknowledge the request from the guest, confirm the room number and the item requested and inform that the item will be delivered immediately.

2. The Receptionist will then call to the relevant department who will be responsible for the delivery of the item.

3. The requested item must be delivered to the guest’s room within 10 minutes.

4. The department will contact Front Office when delivery is complete.

5. If the task has not been called back to Reception within 10 minutes, a Receptionist will contact the appropriate runner to enquire why.

6. The following are standard additional items that must be available upon request.

a. Baby cot

b. Adaptor

c. Extra blankets

d. Extra pillows

e. Addional Bathroom Amenities

e. Extra Bed

f. Emergency Sewing kits

g. Extra Towels

· Items requested by guests are to remain in their room until they check out, unless requested otherwise


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