Handling incoming fax

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Handling incoming fax

Bài gửi  Admin on Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:25 pm

All incoming faxes to in-house guests must be promptly delivered within 15 minutes and faxes to guests due to arrive must be given upon check-in.

1. Incoming faxes to guests will be received at the Front Office fax-machine.

2. It is the responsibility of the Reservationist to ensure that the fax-machine is attended to regularly, so the delivery standard is met and that a sufficient supply of paper in the machine at all times.

3. Incoming faxes must be properly logged into the Front Office Log book specifying time of receipt, number of pages, guest name or other recipient, room number and initial of the staff who received it.

4. The number of pages must be thoroughly counted.

5. If any problem with the reception of the fax, the sender must, if possible, be contacted and asked to re-send the fax.

6. The fax page(s) must be put in an envelope, and if the guest is in house, with the guest name and room number clearly written on the envelope.

7. If the guest is due to arrive and has a reservation, the guest’s name and arrival date must be written on the envelope and a message entered in the guest’s reservation, stating there is a fax for the guest. The Receptionist will then notify the guest during check-in.

8. Faxes to hotel offices do not need to be inserted in envelopes.

9. Faxes to in-house guests must be immediately forwarded to the Bell Men for delivery.

10. Faxes to guests due to arrive must be kept together with the photo copy of the reservation in the “Arrival Folder” which will be checked every shift

11. Faxes to guests attending a meeting, without being residents, must be forwarded to the meeting room or organizer, without disturbing the meeting. The guest’s name and meeting name must be clearly written on the fax envelope.

12. Faxes to guests where a reservation cannot be found must be kept in a separate file, which must be checked at least once daily in case a reservation is made. This file must also be referred to if a guest asks for a fax, which has not been delivered.

13. Faxes to hotel offices must be delivered to the respective recipient immediately.


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