Recording Maintenance & Housekeeping requests

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Recording Maintenance & Housekeeping requests

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Requests received directly from guests must be properly recorded and handled immediately.


1. There are various requests that a guest can make during his / her stay. These requests must be recorded and action taken to meet the request. The FOM must monitor these requests, so changes can be instigated in the service delivery to meet and exceed the guests’ expectations.

2. There are two types of guest requests. Requests that can be answered immediately and requests that might need communication with other departments.

3. All requests which are communicated to other departments must be logged in in the guest request log sheet:

è Date and time of the request

è Nature of the request

è Time that the request was forwarded to the appropriate department

è Name of person handling the request

è Initials of the Receptionist who receive the requests

è A note about follow up, to ensure the request has been met and done

4. When a request is received from a guest, listen to the guest request carefully and decide what action can be taken. Advise the guest of the action and log the request accordingly. Contact the appropriate departments, either by walkie-talkie or phone, and forward the request. Ask the colleague to report back to you on completion of the task. Check if the task has been completed, if no confirmation has been received within 20 minutes, or earlier depending on the nature of the request.

5. The Shift Engineer will be contacted for any maintenance problems in occupied rooms, such as

è Air conditioning not working

è No hot water

è Television not working

6. The Housekeeping Supervisor can be contacted for:

è Make up room requests

è Change in departure date for a guest

è Requests for “rush” rooms to be cleaned

è Delivery of additional room items and items for loan

è Requests for laundry and dry cleaning

è Mini-bar refill


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