Registration requirement

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Registration requirement

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Vietnam Police regulations should be strictly followed and all guest passports and I.D-Cards registered properly.

1. Receptionists must check and identify the passport or ID the guest presents upon check-in and ensure it corresponds with guest presenting it.

2. Inform the guest that we will have to register the original passport over night and will return to them during breakfast time the next day. Otherwise, they can pick it up any time after tomorrow or later.

3. Verify the guest’s name, validity of passport and expiry date of visa etc. If expired, assist the guest to contact the Consulate to apply for extension.

4. Receptionists must complete the registration card neatly, make sure all items have been filled in correctly.

5. All foreign guest information must be entered in SMILE and the Police Logbook, which is submitted to the Local Police, by the afternoon shift Receptionist.

6. All Local registration and IDs should also be recorded on the Police logbook and submitted to local authorities.

7. All data and passport from actual arrivals must be sent that same night, and logged down on the control sheet for future reference.

8. File and keep all registration cards in the room file.

9. Incidents relating to foreign nationals must be reported to the Vietnam Police by the Security Manager.


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