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Guestroom change

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A room change will be carried out if all guest requests could not be fulfilled at the time of arrival (e.g. king size bed, seaview, close to pool etc) and the guests agrees to move room during their stay.

Bell Attendants are not allowed to offer a room move to a guest. They are able to inform the Receptionist/ Front Office Supervisor of a guest request for a room move. Upon receiving a request to assist with moving luggage in a room move the Bell Attendant must proceed to the guest’s room at the time given by the Receptionist. Assist the guest in transferring all of his/her belongings from their old room to the new room.


1. The Reservation will find a suitable room that fulfills the guest requests and will inform Housekeeping of the room change.

2. Inform the guest that you have assigned a new room for them and ensure the guest’s satisfaction of the room chosen. Inquire when the guest prefers to move and if assistance is required with luggage.

3. Inform Bellmen of the move if luggage assistance is needed.

4. Show the guest to the new room, hand over the new key and collect the old key.

5. Move the guest’s registration card and attached documents to the new room-number file.

6. Transfer the room in SMILE.


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