Sending fax for guest

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Sending fax for guest

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Outgoing faxes from guests must be dispatched without delay and the faxes must be returned to the sender with a note indicating when it was sent.

To ensure all guest faxes sent have reached the right destination, note the faxnumber, the room number and the time of faxing into the log book


When a guest requests to have fax sent, the Receptionist must ensure the fax number is clear and what room number the guest has.

Once all details are correct, you have to send the fax without delay. There is no need to dial ‘9’ for an outside line just dial the number. E.g. 08-827 2929

For international faxes, dial 171 00 to get a line out of Vietnam, followed by the country code, the area code, then the number.
*Important: when dialing international numbers, if the area code starts with a zero then do not dial the zero. I.e. area code is 0753 you would only dial 753.

Give careful attention to ensure all fax pages have been transmitted.

Once printed confirmation has been received on successful completion of sending, log all details into the Log book, including the following:
· name of guest

· room number

· fax number

· number of pages sent

· $ amount (3 USD for international fax per page, 5000 VND per page for local fax)

· initial (agent that sent fax)

· time sent (printed on confirmation)

This is used as back up for any queries that may arise

Also complete a miscellaneous charge voucher with the following details:
· date

· name of guest

· room number

· fax number

· number of pages sent

· sign (agent that sent fax)

This can then be used as back up to place a charge onto the guest’s account.

Post the charge onto the guest account in SMILE

The fax must be returned to the guest, either directly if the guest is waiting or with delivery to the room by Bell Service and with a copy of the miscellaneous note attached.

Return the fax, along with the confirmation, to the guest’s room.


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