Shift Handover

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Shift Handover

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The Receptionists will conduct a handover briefing at the beginning of each shift. The entire FO team will be brought up-to-date on the activities of the day and duties will be assigned

1. Shift handover is important to all FO team to get them familiar with hotel up-to-date information.

2. The previous shift will conduct the shift briefing and handover.

3. Contents of Briefing:

è Occupancy of previous night

è Occupancy forcasted for today

è Expected arrivals still to come (number / VIPs / Group etc.)

è Arrivals already checked in

è Room Changes already conducted

è Room Changes still to come

è Due outs

è Daily events and functions

è Airport pick-up / transfer

è New memos and procedures

4. Assign Receptionists to handle group check in, daily tasks


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