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Shift start

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The Receptionists will update themselves upon the beginning of each shift, with what was / is happening during their shift (VIPs, expected arrival and departures, hotel daily event or room status, etc.) in the hotel and ensure they are ready for the shift’s activities.


1. Front Office Log book

During the shift, all Receptionists are in charge of the logbook and must ensure that all incidents / occurrences are properly entered with date and time. This is important if a follow-up is required on a previously recorded entry.

2. VIP list

The inhouse guest list and Arrival / Departure List must be checked for VIPs and a note made of any VIP arrival and departure during the shift. Inspect VIP rooms before arrival.

3. FIT/Group Arrivals/Departures

Receptionists must make themselves aware of FIT / groups due to arrive / depart and the numbers involved as this directly affects the hotel traffic in public areas, and the workload on those departments handling these movements.

4. Occupancy

The occupancy must be checked, along with the anticipated arrivals and departures, so that the Receptionist is prepared to make decisions regarding any last minute booking / walk-in.

5. Functions and other Special Events

Receptionists should also be aware of all functions and special events happening in and out of the hotel so that they are aware of how to handle heavy flow of traffic in and out of the hotel.

6. Conduct Daily Briefing

Conduct pre-shift briefing with the entire FO team with FOM present.


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