Upselling Policy

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Upselling Policy

Bài gửi  Admin on Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:04 pm

Receptionist must try to up sell guests to the highest category of room when an opportunity is given, to increase the hotel’s revenue and to enhance the guests’ stay.

1. When a guest arrives on the terrace to check-in, follow the standard check-in procedure. Advise the guest that there are Deluxe Rooms and suite Rooms available for an additional charge.

2. Explain the facilities:

3. Offer the guest to show the room. If the guest is not interested, continue the check-in as normal.

4. If the guest is interested to see the room, call Reservation to escort the guest to the room and confirm charges. Upon acceptance, inform Housekeeping and Bellmen.

5. Order an appropriate fruit basket.

6. Write an upgrade voucher for the guest to sign. Follow the bellmen with the luggage and ask the guest’s signture for the upgrade. Enter a commnet in SMILE to charge the upgrade daily, do not charge all on the first day.

7. If the guest wishes a larger room in the hotel, proceed to sell a suite at the appropriate rate and offer to show the different options available.

8. This procedure applies to both “walk-in” guests and guests with reservations.


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