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VIP Guests

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All VIP guests must be approved by hotel management and must be welcomed at the lobby by the FOM, or any other member of the management upon arrival. Check-in formalities will be completed by FOM or EAM.


1. Any member of the management or any other associate may recommend a person for VIP status. In certain cases, external sources will request their guests for special attention.

2. The correct name, company and job title have to be entered in SMILE with the matching VIP code.

3. VIP guests must be listed on the “VIP and Site Inspection Function Sheet”, which is distributed to all departments on a regular base. All VIP guests should be addressed by name.

4. Rooms for VIP guests must always be allocated to the best room in its category, if not upgraded. VIP rooms have to be checked by the Front Office Manager and Housekeeping Manager personally prior to the guest’s arrival.

5. All VIP guests will receive a welcome amenity in the room and the Food & Beverage Manager in charge will also check and ensure the quality and presentation of the amenity placed in the room. (See separate procedure for VIP amenities). It is the responsibility of the person making the reservation to order an adequate welcome amenity.

6. It is the final responsibility of the Housekeeping Manager that VIP rooms are meeting the specified standards before the guest arrives.

7. VIP arrivals must be communicated verbally shortly after check-in to Operator for special attention.

8. It will be the responsibility of the Receptionist (whether in Front Office or F & B) to advice the respective Supervisor or FOM of the arrival of a VIP, who is not staying in the hotel. The Management must then be notified immediately.

9. The VIP check-in formalities should be completed by FOM or EAM according to the requirement or situation.

10. The FOM must meet all VIP Guests. In addition by any other manager as indicated in the reservation.

11. All VIP Guests must be met upon departure for an appropriate farewell


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