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Visitor Registration

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According the regulations of the Vietnam Government, all visitors of hotel guests are required to leave their ID cards at the Front Desk and only registered guests are allowed in the guestrooms after 21.00 hrs. All visitors to guestrooms after 21.00 hrs will not be allowed to go to the room, in particular if they are Vietnamese nationals. This is the law, which we cannot deviate. Vietnamese Nationals can only go to guest rooms after 21.00 hrs if they are registered guests of the hotel.


1. All visitors of hotel guests, particularly local Vietnamese nationals, should leave their ID cards at the Front desk if they are visiting between 07.00hrs – 21.00 hrs.

2. The ID Cards will be photocopied by the Receptionists for recording purposes.

3. The ID cards will only be returned upon the visitors departure from the hotel.

4. Visitors are politely reminded that they cannot stay in the guest’s room after 21.00 hrs, as the Vietnamese rules & regulations state “only registered guests are allowed in guest rooms after 21.00hrs.”

5. Visitors who are still inside the guest’s room after 21.00 hrs will be reminded about this Vietnamese regulation.

6. To comply with the Vietnamese regulation, Security will politely deny entry and advise the visitors of the Vietnamese regulation that “only registered guests are allowed in the guestrooms after 21.00 hrs.”

7. As the law states “only registered guests are allowed in the guest rooms after 21.00 hrs”, the registered guest and the visitor has the option to register the visitor in a separate room as they are not allowed by law to share the same room. This should not be offered by any associate in order to avoid misunderstandings. The guest should initiate this option.

8. If the guest decides to register another room, normal check in procedures will apply including confirmation of rates, length of stay and mode of payment.

9. If the guest is not in the room at the moment, the visitor cannot be given access to the room and should be offered to leave a message.

10. If the visitor refuses to register, politely inform the visitor that this regulation is set forth by the Vietnamese Government, and the hotel has to enforce the regulation and follow the law. Under any circumstances the law must not be broken.


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