Basic First Aid Procedure in Hotel

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Basic First Aid Procedure in Hotel

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Hotel is a 24 hour running business. From a new born baby to a very old one, anybody can be your guest. During their stay any of the guest may need first aid for having serious illness or accident. Even in some serous cases if the hotel authority cannot take immediate steps then the guest may be died. So, all the time management should have proper first aid facilities as well as some trained staffs to handle the situation. Today I am going to share another Exclusive FREE Hotel Management Training SOP on the first aid procedures.

At any accident or sudden injury situation you must be aware of four key steps to follow:

1 Assessing the situation:

• Appear calm in front of colleagues or guests
• Take charge – do not panic
• Ensure safety
• Get help immediately

2 Diagnose the situation:
• Listen to the others to find out what happened
• Smell- can you detect burning; gas ; or alcohol

3 Treat the situation( if possible) while awaiting qualified specialist assistance

4 Medical situation:
As early possible after the accident / injury arrangements must be made to move the casualty to a doctor , any important facts or details about the casualty or circumstances of the accident must be given to the ambulance person , doctor urgent treatment ( i.e.) easing problems of breathing , heart or severe bleeding difficulties , and important treatments of dressing wounds and supporting injured bones may be attempted ONLY by qualified first aiders

• Mouth to mouth
• Clear anything from the mouth ie dentures
• Incline head back
• Pinch nose closed
• Open mouth
• Seal his mouth with yours and blow
• Look along chest to see if chest rises fully
• Move your mouth away
• When your chest falls, take in fresh air and repeat
• Once started you must continue until causality breathes on own or ambulance / doctor arrives
• Wounds
• Pressing directly on a wound flattens the blood vessels and stems the flow of blood
• Pressure needs to applied for 5- 15 minutes to allow blood to clot
• Ensure no foreign bodies are present ie bone glass, dirt, etc , before pressing
• Press on the wound with a clean dressing ie towel (not cotton wool)
• Raise and support the injured limp
• After 5/ 10 minutes ,apply a bandage or plaster depending upon size of wound
• Arrange for medical attention as soon as possible , if necessary

Dos – reassure the casualty:
Immerse area of burn in clean cold running water for at least 10 minutes
Remove any rings, clothing (unless stuck) before area swells. Cover burn with a clean dressing or Clingfilm/clean plastic bag. If in doubt seek medical assistance.

Don’t – use creams, fat or lotion.
• Use adhesive dressing or plasters
• Burst blisters or remove loose skin.

• Casualty may not be breathing, and heart may have stopped
• Possible burns and shock
• Never touch the casualty with bare hands
• Switch off the power at mains if possible.

Treatment (Only by qualified first aider):
• Commence mouth to mouth and/or chest compression.
• Arrange for removal to hospital.
• Treat any burns.
• Act quickly –speed is essential (if casualty can speak ,cough or breathe they are not choking.)

• Give four quick blows with the heel of your hand. Deliver these sharp blows rapidly and forcefully
• between the shoulder blades, while supporting the chest of casualty with other hand on the
• breastbone.
• Press fist into abdomen with four quick upward and inward thrust.(Don’t use this procedure for
• pregnant women or overweight casualty.).If necessary repeat sequence.

Send for medical help if required.
• If casualty feels faint help them to lean forward with head between the knees, taking deep breaths
• Don’t give casualty anything by mouth until fully conscious ,and then only sips of water .

Stings & Bites:
• Keep the casualty calm.
• If the sting is still in the skin, remove it with a pair of tweezers.
• Avoid squeezing the sac at the top of the sting as this will force more poison into the casualty.
• If they develop an allergic reaction seek medical help.

Snake Bites:
• Reassure the casualty.
• Clean the area around the puncture.
• Place a sterile dressing around and the puncture marks.
• If on hand or upper limb, immobilize the limb with a sling.
• If on over limb, tie both legs together.

Scorpion Bites:
• Treat as snake bite.
• Immobilize the affected limb.


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